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January 2018
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The King’s Cornmeal – How to avoid the Road to Serfdom

This is a fable about an all-powerful king and a trouble-making serf who was, like the rest of the serfs totally dependent upon the whims of the king, not an unusual situation. Rufus the 15th ruled with a capricious hand, collecting taxes from helpless serfs and doling out cornmeal from his castle high on the [...]

Rearranging the deck chairs….again

The article by Michael Gardner below the fold in the local section of the June 5, 2013 San Diego Union Tribune says in a bold headline, “Water Ruling Favors S.D. Region” and in the first paragraph: “A judge Tuesday upheld the validity of a hard-fought accord to share the Colorado River, easing anxiety that a [...]

Can We Eat The Flowers?

“San Diego’s Flowering Economy” in the San Diego Union Tribune 5/26/2013 extolled the virtues of the agricultural business in San Diego County. If I have my numbers right, less than 1% of San Diego county’s population is using 70% of the water coming into San Diego County. To be fair, I multiplied by four the [...]

Thirsty Cotton

How much water does it take to produce one cotton t-shirt? 400 gallons. Driving north in the Central valley of California we passed cotton field after cotton field. The giant bales of cotton were stacked alongside each of the fields. Each bale can produce about 750 cotton shirts, so doing the math, each bale takes [...]

Taxpayers Group Backs Desalination Plan

Taxpayers Group Back Desalination Plan-San Diego Union Tribune Tuesday November 20, 2012 The San Diego County Taxpayers Association has it right when they endorsed the $987 million project by Poseidon Resources. We are finally seeing those in power positions understanding San Diego needs “an insurance policy against uncertain water supplies”. Surfrider Foundation and the Coast [...]

What Water Crisis? Bed bugs to bed sheets!

How to save 240,000,000 gallons per day! There once was a prince very concerned about bed bugs who ruled Peaceful Valley. He did not like bed bugs so much he decreed that only new sheets for all the beds in Peaceful Valley be used once and then thrown away. The problem was there became what [...]

Water Independence or Socio-Economic Disaster?

Front page article in the San Diego Union Tribune November 15, 2012, “Suit Could Threaten Supply” Once again a judge has his thumb on the jugular vein supplying water to San Diego. Here is an idea. Instead of a judge and 25 attorneys attempting to band aid San Diego’s water supply, how about an elected public [...]