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January 2018
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Taxpayers Group Backs Desalination Plan

Taxpayers Group Back Desalination Plan-San Diego Union Tribune Tuesday November 20, 2012

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association has it right when they endorsed the $987 million project by Poseidon Resources. We are finally seeing those in power positions understanding San Diego needs “an insurance policy against uncertain water supplies”.

Surfrider Foundation and the Coast Law Group have no interest in what the water costs, or other fallacious reasoning. Their agenda is to stop development of desalination. Having lost in the courts, they are attempting to try the issues in the court of public opinion. For example in a prior article in the Union Tribune, they claimed as a fact the Melbourne, Australia desalination plant had been mothballed, which was not only misleading, but untrue.

The output of the Carlsbad plant is a literal drop in the bucket compared to the water needs for San Diego county, but it is solid step in the right direction to achieve water independence. We can expect to see further assaults on those who understand the necessity to develop water sources other than the Colorado River and the State Water Project, both of which are subject to disruption of continuous supply from hundreds of miles away.

It is not hard to predict unreasonable environmental barriers to the proposed pipeline connecting the Point Loma Sewage Treatment plant to a full scale recycling facitity where the pilot plant is currently located–and from there to the San Vicente Reservoir for potable water reservoir augmentation.

Once the Carlsbad plant is in operation, Surfrider and others will turn to new targets that have the potential for creating water independence for San Diego. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric.

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